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January 14

Miss Surfrider Baton


Above Link and QR codes takes you to www.misssurfrider.com for contest information and entry


 Miss Surfrider Open Pageant
Surfrider Cup
 Surfrider High School Open (Beginner and Advanced)

Surfrider High School and College Downfield  (New!)
Surfrider Queen (All Levels)

DATE:  Sunday, January 14, 2024                                                      START TIME:  8:30 a.m.

CONTEST DIRECTORS:  Catherine Lattimore, and Lori Watters (714) 329-3728 | email surfridertwirlingopen@gmail.com for more information; Courtney Cormier-Richters, Contest Assistant.

ENTRY DEADLINE:  Postmarked by January 5, 2024 to avoid a $20.00 late fee.  No phone entries and no entries accepted day of contest.

LOCATION:  Fallbrook High School – 2400 S. Stage Coach Lane, Fallbrook, CA  92028
Direction:  15 Fwy, Take Hwy. 76 West toward Oceanside; Turn right onto Mission Ave.; Go 4.1 miles and turn right onto Stage Coach Lane; Turn right into the parking lot and proceed to the gymnasium.

SCHEDULE/ORDER OF EVENTS: (subject to change): All ages/levels beginning with Queen Modeling, Best Appearing, Basic Strut, X-Strut, Twirl, Men’s Twirl, Duet Twirl, 2-Baton, 3-Baton.  Pageant and Surfrider Cup events will follow the corresponding open event, when possible. The set system will begin with Basic Strut.  During lunch: Teams, Rhythmic Twirl IBTF/Non-Sanctioned individual music events (Critique only), Show Twirl, High School Open, and Collegiate Freestyle and Downfield events.


  • Miss Surfrider Open Pageant: (Level determined by Twirl level); Novice: Model in costume -No Interview, Basic Strut, Twirl; Beg. – Adv:  Model in costume (Dress Optional for Adv) with Interview, X-Strut, Twirl.
  • Surfrider Cup: (Level determined by Twirl level); Non-sanctioned/Gymnastics allowed; Time limit: Twirl: .30-2:30, 2-Baton: .30-2:00; 2-part competition of Twirl and 2-Baton. Men and Women combined; Routines from any organization may be used.
  • Surfrider High School Open: ($100 scholarship awarded to Adv 1st Place Winner); Non-sanctioned event open to all organizations; Gymnastics allowed; Open to 2024 9-12th graders, divided into Beginner (One who has never won 1st place in any similar event), & Advanced. Competitor utilizes 1- 4 batons and performs to own music; Timing is 2-3 minutes. This event is a great way to get high school and/or college tryout routines out on the floor!
  • Collegiate Freestyle: ($100 scholarship awarded to 1st Place Winner); Non-sanctioned event open to all organizations; Gymnastics allowed; Music of own choice; Time limit 1:50-3:10 minutes.
  • Surfrider College and High School Downfield: Non-sanctioned event open to all organizations; Gymnastics allowed; :30 sec routine across gym and back to center; SDSU college fight song music used.
  • Surfrider Queen: Model with interview in costume, short or long dress.

AGE DIVISIONS:  Individual events: NBTA (0-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15,16+);  Duet Twirl (Sum of ages): NBTA (0-18, 19-24, 25-30, 31+); NBTA Teams (Average Age):  Tiny Tot 0-5.9, Juvenile 6-8.9, Pre-Teen 9-11.9, Junior 12-14.9, and Senior 15+. Contest Director reserves the right to divide or combine age groups as the entries warrant.  New Non-Sanctioned event this year:  TOT Division (Ages 0-4)

FAMILY PLAN:  SCBBA members in good standing with more than one twirler may pay ½ of lesser entry.
AWARDS:  All awards will be posted online.  Surfrider Queen, Novice Pageant, High School Open, Collegiate Freestyle and Downfield winners will be announced throughout the day (time permitting); Please remain for photos. Beg-Adv. Pageant and Surfrider Cup will be announced at the end of the day.  UNIQUE AND FUN AWARDS WILL BE PRESENTED!!!